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Maintenance method of advertising machine motherboard

The failure of the main board of advertising machine is often manifested in the failure of system startup, no display on the screen, sometimes it can be started and sometimes it can’t be started, which is difficult to judge intuitively. The maintenance principle of “one look, two listen, three smell and four touch” is generally adopted when checking and repairing the faults of the advertising machine motherboard. It is to observe the fault phenomenon, listen to the alarm sound, smell whether there is a peculiar smell, touch some parts with your hand whether they are hot, etc. The following lists several common mainboard maintenance methods, each of which has its own advantages and limitations. Generally, several methods should be combined.

Maintenance method of advertising machine motherboard

1.Cleaning method: this method is generally used to solve the problem that the advertiser motherboard cannot work normally due to too much dust on the advertiser motherboard and the dust is electrostatic. You can use a brush to remove the dust on the advertiser motherboard. In addition, the advertising machine motherboard is generally connected with many external boards and cards. The golden finger of these boards and cards may be oxidized, resulting in poor contact with the motherboard. This problem can be wiped off the oxide layer on the surface with an eraser.

2.Observation method: mainly use the skill of “seeing and touching”. When the power is turned off, check whether the components are connected correctly, whether the capacitance and resistance pins are in good contact, whether the surface of each component is scorched and cracked, and whether the copper foil on each circuit board is burned. At the same time, you can touch the chip surface of some advertising machine motherboards to see if there is a very hot phenomenon.

3. Replacement method: when it is impossible to determine which component caused some fault phenomena, the suspected component can be eliminated by replacement method. You can take the suspected parts to a good computer to try, and you can also connect the good parts to the faulty computer to try. If the self-test is wrong or the capacity is wrong, this method can be used to judge the real culprit of the fault.

The above three points are the wholesale and retail maintenance methods of advertising machine mainboard manufacturers for advertising machine mainboard. No matter how high-performance the advertiser motherboard is, it may also have problems. Sometimes, in order to expand the memory to improve the system performance, inserting different brands and types of memory will also lead to the failure of the advertiser motherboard. Therefore, pay more attention during maintenance.

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