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Why can fanless industrial computer replace traditional industrial computer?

The products and technologies of the industrial control industry are extremely special. They are not used alone, but industrial computers that provide embedded services. In recent years, fanless industrial computers have gradually replaced traditional industrial computers in some industrial fields because of their good technical advantages. So why can the best-selling fanless industrial computers replace traditional industrial computers?


Why can fanless industrial computer replace traditional industrial computer?

1. More advanced design structure

Compared with the traditional industrial control computer, the fanless industrial control computer is more advanced in structural design, because the fanless industrial control computer adopts an all aluminum panel and embedded CPU and motherboard. This structural design not only makes the industrial control computer very solid and can withstand the impact of high impact force and vibration force, but also can effectively withstand extreme environments such as humidity, high and low temperature.

2. More conducive to update iteration

Because the traditional industrial computer consumes a lot of power in architecture and adopts a complex remote management method, it is difficult to iterate business and graft technology. However, the fanless industrial control computer has a very rich interface, and there are dozens of serial interfaces, USB interfaces, VGA, TF and other interfaces, so it is more convenient to send and connect various external devices, whether it is hardware connection or update.

3. Better interactive experience

Because traditional industrial computers generally use Windows system, but now intelligent devices are becoming more and more popular, it can not meet everyone’s needs for operation experience. Fanless industrial computer can support Android system, which can not only enrich the application of products, but also improve the human-computer interaction experience of operators, and realize the centralized and large-scale management of business.


This is the main reason why the fanless industrial control computer can replace the traditional industrial control computer. After all, for most industrial enterprises, it is a trend to improve the operability and human-computer interaction of the industrial control computer, while the best-selling fanless industrial control computer can meet these needs, and is more beneficial to the future business update iteration and the connection of hardware equipment.

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