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What are the precautions for the installation of industrial computer

The installation method of industrial computer is considered from the aspects of size, panel structure, signal examples and LCD screen functions. The installation methods of industrial computer can be divided into rack type, flip type, embedded type, open type and module type. The mainboard of the industrial computer is specially developed for long-time operation in special conditions of high and low temperature. What it should pay attention to in use is not to plug and dial with power (memory module, mouse behind board, keyboard, etc.). What are the installation precautions of the industrial computer?

What are the precautions for the installation of industrial computer


1. Pay attention to overall cleaning after installation

The jumpers on the mainboard of the industrial computer should not be placed at will. Check the introduction or user manual so that they will not be damaged due to the difference in the voltage configuration of mainboards of different models. The dust on the main board should be cleaned regularly. Alcohol or water is not allowed. Use a dry brush vacuum cleaner to absorb or blow away the dust. Keep the memory slot on the motherboard clean. The cleaning of the whole industrial computer refers to the characteristics of the machine itself that can compensate for the deformation caused by temperature, machine load, etc. This requires sensors that detect spindle load, spindle and base deformation, and circuits that handle sensor output signals.

2. Pay attention to the intelligent reliability of diagnosis and maintenance after installation

It requires the immediacy, agility and reliability of the whole system. At present, the domestic professional industrial computer has become the first choice of computer hardware for the door line skill system with its inherent advantages of reliability, agility and long-term fluctuating operation in chaotic situations. The high professional level of industrial computer can provide high-quality hardware skills for the market, strong customization ability and mastery of cutting-edge skills. Arrogance can help the precise application of door line system. It can transmit on-site multi-channel video and other signals to the back-end computer, which has strong adaptability and strong external compatibility. It provides a multi serial port scheme to meet the actual needs of the use situation. Strong data processing ability, fast data processing speed, strong load ability, strong reliability, and rapid response to external manipulation.


In a word, the high-quality and reliable industrial computer provides a variety of options such as on-board WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet and 3G, so that the product has a sensitive network usage, and accepts the open android/linux intelligent control system, which is more volatile and easier to maintain. The industrial computer has the advantages of a stable industrial product function and an intelligent digital multimedia player.

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