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What are the purposes of the industrial computer?

Industrial computer is a relatively low-key device that can enrich users’ lives in this century. Many people do not know its existence, but can always feel the convenience and warmth brought by industrial computers. With the continuous evolution of the smart earth and the deepening of industry, industrial computer will cause a new wave of applications, and high-quality and reliable industrial computer plays an important role in our life. What are the uses of the industrial computer?


What are the purposes of the industrial computer?


1. Tourism collection, high-speed toll station

Highway toll collection system, traffic light monitoring, overspeed capture, etc. have made full use of the powerful acquisition, calculation, processing capacity, high reliability and stability of the industrial computer, and its ability to adapt to complex and harsh working environment.

2. Financial ATM machine, VTM machine and automatic filling machine, etc

Due to the particularity of the financial industry, there are high requirements for the stability and reliability of the industrial computer, which can not be met by ordinary commercial computers. Therefore, domestic professional industrial computer machines (Industrial tablets also belong to industrial machines) are used in daily convenience facilities. For example, ATM, VTM and automatic filling machine touch operation screen or console are representative of industrial computer.

3. Life vending machine, intelligent fast cabinet, etc

Similar to intelligent express cabinets and vending machines, which need to maintain normal operation throughout the year, and also need to collect and control all kinds of data equipment, the industrial computer is undoubtedly a very good choice (generally using industrial tablet computers or industrial display processing control hosts). The application process of daily electricity and water in production, purification and transmission adopts industrial computers to ensure the reliability, safety, economy, efficiency, environmental protection With the goal of safe use, the high-quality and reliable industrial computer realizes the functions of automatic system detection, operation and control.

4. Industrial computers are used in the production process of automobiles, household appliances and daily necessities

Industrial computer equipment or systems have been installed in household appliances and daily-use industries, including the Instructor License of the driver’s car. Only the industrial computer is mainly used for automatic evaluation of test results, real-time monitoring of test process, query of test results, playback of test process, download of reservation information, upload of test results, printing of test results, query and statistics of test data, etc.

In a word, as an intermediate product, industrial computer often needs to be integrated with other peripheral devices and software to form a more intelligent integrated system, complete a series of tasks and goals that commercial computers cannot achieve, and ensure the normal operation of society. And through continuous upgrading, we will provide better services for the general public.

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