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Three characteristics of industrial mainframe

Industrial host system mainly includes system software, industrial control application software and application software development environment. Among them, system software is the basic core of the other two, which affects the development quality of system software design. Industrial host is mainly generated according to the needs of users’ industrial control and management, so it has specificity. From the development history and current situation of industrial host system, the industrial host system with guaranteed quality should have three main characteristics.


Three characteristics of industrial mainframe



1. Openness


This is a crucial index in modern control system and engineering design department. Openness is conducive to the interconnection and compatibility of various systems, and it is conducive to the formation and Realization of industrial ideas integrating design, establishment and application. In order to make the industrial host system tools open, we must choose open architecture, industrial software and software environment, which has attracted great attention from the industrial control community.


2. Real time


One of the main characteristics of industrial production process is real-time, so industrial host system should have strong real-time. Network integration. This is the trend of industrial process control and management. The man-machine interface is more friendly. This not only refers to the convenience of operation brought by menu drive, but also includes the human-machine interface of design and application.


3. Multitasking and multithreading


The industrial object faced by many modern control software is no longer a single task line, but a more complex multi task system. Therefore, how to effectively control and manage such a system is still the main research object of industrial host. In order to meet this requirement, especially the underlying industrial host must have this feature, such as the research and application of multi task implementation operating system.


From the basic composition of industrial host, it can be roughly divided into three layers; The real-time operating system layer, system management layer and application layer, and the real-time operating system layer is the foundation of other layers. Most of the time, the factory will choose the industrial host with reliable reputation to invest in large-scale industrial production, and the quality of the products produced is more in line with the production standards of the enterprise, which has increased the turnover of the enterprise.

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