Industrial Computer Motherboard

Three advantages of industrial computer motherboard

Industrial computer motherboards have been used in various commercial POS machines, media broadcasting, automatic ticket selling systems, medical instruments, information systems, industrial control and other fields, and have achieved good results. It supports high-definition display, allowing users to have immersive image quality. High-definition resolution can bring higher definition than traditional high-definition. It can also provide network wake-up function, which can be used in large and small companies and other places. So which brand of industrial computer motherboard is good? What are its advantages?

Three advantages of industrial computer motherboard:

First, good stability

In view of the application environment of industrial computer motherboard, it needs to complete a wide range of compatibility and stability tests before leaving the factory. These test items include aging test, environmental compatibility test and software safety test, so as to ensure that each motherboard component can run long-term, durable and stable in various environments.

Second industrial fan control

This kind of industrial computer motherboard with stable quality is equipped with fan automatic detection, integrated water-cooled radiator special interface, customized radiator working mode, and the fan of industrial computer motherboard supports mute mode. The intelligent fan protection chip can protect the fan from overcurrent and high temperature damage, prolong the service life of the fan, and each fan can respond to multiple temperature sensors to ensure the real-time response of the host temperature.

Third, the overclocking design is stable

Through the serpentine wire design of the motherboard components, the length of the wire between the memory socket and the CPU is the same, so as to obtain better DDR4, overclocking amplitude and overclocking stability. The industrial computer motherboard starts faster, and the overclocking range is larger. After overclocking, the system is more stable.

It has reserved a stream chip to eliminate the interference of current noise and provide pure sound. The audio protective line area of the industrial computer motherboard is separated from the main board to reduce EMI interference. The anti explosion circuit, and the Japanese audio capacitor provides natural immersive audio. The layered isolation design of the left and right channels enables the output of equal quality sound effects without producing Yin and Yang tones. The fast and stable network transmission makes the network faster, and the network lightning protection and surge prevention, Protect the network card and motherboard from capacitance and static electricity.

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