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Three parts of industrial host maintenance

Industrial mainframe is an industrial computer that works in special and harsh environments. Its power supply, chassis and motherboard are designed to adapt to long-term uninterrupted operation. In order to use it better and keep its good working performance, it must be maintained in daily use. Taking the industrial host with reliable reputation as an example, the following describes the three parts of maintaining the industrial host.


Three parts of industrial host maintenance


1. Chassis


The industrial host chassis includes industrial control power supply, passive backplane and fan. Industrial control power supply: it is used for many hours of uninterrupted startup, so its performance is good. The main thing to pay attention to is to minimize the entry of dust and prevent dust from affecting the operation of the fan. To prevent instantaneous power failure, which will often produce an instantaneous extremely high voltage when suddenly called, so power supply should be provided as far as possible.


2. Motherboard


The main board of industrial host is designed for long-time operation in high and low temperature special environment. What should be paid attention to in its application is that it cannot be plugged in and dialed with power (memory module, mouse and keyboard behind the board, etc.). The jumper on the motherboard cannot jump casually. Please check the manual or user manual. The dust on the motherboard should be cleaned regularly. Alcohol or water should not be used. Dry brushes, vacuum cleaners or leather tigers should be used to absorb or blow away the dust. Keep the memory slot on the motherboard clean without broken or crooked feet. The gold finger inserted into the passive backplane under the main board should be clean, and it should be firmly inserted on the backplane.


3. Hard disk, optical drive


Do not disassemble the hard disk at will to avoid vibration and extrusion. Try not to turn off the power of the industrial host when the hard disk is running. When handling, be sure to use anti-static plastic bags or fix them with shockproof materials such as sponges, and often check for viruses to prevent erosion. When operating the industrial host with energy-saving function, try to use it reasonably to prolong the service life of the hard disk. Do not open the CD-ROM drive door at will during use. Do not use damaged or pirated CDs to prevent dust from entering the CD-ROM drive. Do not vibrate, distort or beat the CD-ROM drive during use.


The above are the three major parts of industrial host maintenance summarized by the editor. The floppy drive of industrial host cannot put the bad disk and toxic disk into the floppy drive. Do not use inferior and moldy floppy disks, and rush to collide with sharp objects to prevent scratching the magnetic head. When the floppy drive of an industrial host with guaranteed quality is reading and writing to the disk (the floppy drive indicator light is on), it should be noted that it is dust-proof, the pins should be intact, the board should be inserted vertically without distortion, and the connector on the external jack of the board should not be plugged in with power.

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