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How should the embedded computer motherboard be installed correctly?

The embedded computer motherboard is mainly used in various industrial occasions and is adopted by industrial computers. Moreover, when used, the embedded computer motherboard can also adapt to the wide temperature environment according to the needs, so as to adapt to various harsh environments in the industrial environment, and can work under high load for a long time. So how should the easy-to-use embedded computer motherboard be installed correctly?


How should the embedded computer motherboard be installed correctly?


1. Installing the central processing unit


In order to ensure the reliability of the embedded computer motherboard, when installing the central processing unit, align the socket corner mark with the socket corner near the top of the lock rod, and confirm that the direction of pointer one is correct before installing. Do not insert the central processing unit forcibly, insert it into the slot, and then confirm whether the socket of the central processing unit is connected, and then turn the lock rod from the unlocked state to the locked state.


2. Install memory


Memory is an important part of the embedded computer motherboard, and it plays a very important role in the operation of the computer motherboard. If the memory is not installed correctly, it may cause the embedded computer motherboard to not work normally. Therefore, during installation, pay attention to that if there is only one memory to be installed into dimm1 slot, if there are two memories, you should carefully read the instructions and install them in the corresponding order, If there are no special instructions, install them into dimm1 and dimm2 slots in sequence.


3. Installing an expansion card


Because the devices used by different enterprises are different, the expansion devices may be different when using the embedded computer motherboard. When installing the motherboard, it is necessary to correctly install all kinds of expansion cards, attach all required PCIe or PCI expansion cards to the motherboard, and lock the screws to fix the expansion card, so as to prevent the contact problem between the expansion card and the motherboard.


After all the above components are installed, the embedded computer motherboard should be installed into the chassis. During installation, pay attention to accurately insert the highly evaluated embedded computer motherboard into the empty position in the chassis, and then lock the screws to fix the motherboard, so as to prevent the short circuit between the motherboard and the chassis and damage the motherboard.

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