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Three advantages of industrial panel pc

What are the advantages of industrial tablets? skmpc concludes that the main advantages of industrial tablet computers are portability, entertainment and more modern industrial flavor. And the price of industrial tablets is often not high. The reading experience brought by industrial tablets to consumers is excellent, and industrial tablets have gradually replaced the functions of some notebook computers. With the increasing development of commercial industrial tablets, high-quality industrial tablets will have a greater impact on notebook computers, and their advantages over notebook computers will become more and more obvious.


Three advantages of industrial panel pc:



1. Appearance advantages


First of all, we all agree that industrial tablets are different in appearance, just like a simple LCD screen. However, the current industrial tablet computer pursues ultra-thin and portable. In this regard, it is small and light. It is naturally more flexible to transfer its place of use anytime and anywhere. We cannot ignore the main features of industrial tablets, the organic combination of digital ink and handwriting recognition function. It not only has powerful pen input recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition capabilities, but also has mobility in the screen.


2. Advantages of operating system


The newly released industrial tablet computer has an operating system, which not only has ordinary functions, but also ordinary compatible applications can run on the industrial tablet computer, adding the function of handwriting input. Expansion is the way to use it, because every industrial tablet computer is equipped with its own pen, which can be operated flexibly as long as it is used on the computer.


3. Advantages of Digitalization


The industrial tablet computer produced now is like a handheld computer. Open the industrial tablet computer and create your own text, charts and pictures for business. In order to facilitate management and deployment, the advanced deployment and policy features greatly simplify the deployment and management in the enterprise environment. At present, most industrial tablets use systems and systems, which are more practical, friendly and flexible. Moreover, the globalization scheme supports multiple languages, while protecting the highest level of key databases and encrypting file systems have been improved.


With the popularity of industrial tablets, the pursuit of functions is also getting higher and higher. The traditional resistive touch can no longer meet the needs of industrial tablets, especially in playing games. Therefore, the most popular industrial tablets must use multi-point touch screen to make their functions more perfect.

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