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What are the characteristics of fanless industrial computer?

In modern society, the degree of automation of industrial production is getting higher and higher. In many cases, the entire production system needs to be controlled by computer programs. According to previous experience, it is found that the environment of industrial production is often not as good as expected, and usually produces a lot of dust, etc., so there is a fan free industrial computer such as equipment. Specifically, the features of fanless IPC include the following aspects.


What are the characteristics of fanless industrial computer?


1. The chassis is firm and can dissipate heat

Generally speaking, the fanless industrial computer adopts an all metal industrial chassis that meets the “EIA” standard, which enhances the anti electromagnetic interference ability. Because there is no fan in the fan free industrial computer chassis, it only relies on the chassis for heat dissipation, which reduces the need for system maintenance to a certain extent, because no fan will not be disturbed by dust, which has a certain protective effect on the internal structure of the chassis.


2. Self-protective


In order to better meet the needs of industrial production, the power supply of the fanless industrial control computer has also been upgraded to a certain extent, which makes the performance of the fanless industrial control computer more stable when used, because it is equipped with a highly reliable industrial power supply and has overvoltage and overcurrent protection. At the same time, the fan free industrial control computer also has a self diagnosis function, and is equipped with a “watchdog” timer, which automatically resets without human intervention in case of failure.


3.Easy to install and use


The manufacturer of the supplied fanless industrial computer introduced that it is very flexible and convenient to use, even if there are many tasks, it can be easily scheduled and operated. Moreover, the fan free industrial computer is very compact in size, thin in volume and light in weight, so it is very space-saving. In addition, it can adopt appropriate installation methods according to the situation on site, such as wall mounted installation and guide rail installation, which is very convenient.


The above are several aspects of the characteristics of fanless industrial computer. In addition, this product also has great development prospects, especially the huge demand for intelligent equipment in the new round of automobile, communication, information appliance and medical industry has further promoted the development and application of this product. At the same time, the manufacturers of low-cost fanless industrial control computers also introduced the continuous innovation of hardware technology and the continuous decline of costs. Fanless industrial control computers will become the digital transformation of products and drive new technologies.

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