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How to select a fan less industrial computer?

The industrial revolution has driven the development of human society, and the industrial computer is an essential equipment in the production process of modern enterprises, especially the fanless industrial computer, which has been popular in modern enterprises and has been widely used in the production of transportation, military industry, metallurgy and various manufacturing industries. So how should enterprises choose the best-selling fanless industrial control computers?


How to select a fanless industrial computer?

1. Model selection according to installation requirements

There are many installation methods for fanless industrial computers, including wall mounted, embedded, desktop and rack mounted. When selecting the type, the most appropriate installation method should be selected according to the site environment and equipment. In addition, the type should be selected according to the way of outgoing line, so as to avoid the difficulty of outgoing line wiring during installation.

2. Model selection according to technical parameters

When buying a fanless industrial computer, enterprises also need to choose the appropriate model according to the relevant technical parameters, mainly depending on the technical parameters of the processor, storage, memory and so on. In addition, it also depends on what system is used and the version of the software. Only by selecting the appropriate technical parameters can we fully meet the application needs of various devices.

3. Model selection according to space size

The size of the space to be used should be considered when selecting the type of fanless industrial control computer. For example, if the fanless industrial control computer needs to be installed in a relatively narrow space, the installation size will become an inevitable limitation of the type selection. Therefore, the installation size on site can be measured first, and then the industrial control computer specification that meets the installation size requirements can be selected.

4. Model selection according to environmental requirements

The reason why the fanless industrial computer is different from ordinary household or commercial computers is that it can be used in harsh environments, such as ultra-high or ultra-low temperature environment, high dust environment and high vibration environment. When selecting models, we should pay attention to the models that can be suitable for the corresponding environment.


Through the above introduction, you should know how to select the type when purchasing fanless industrial computer. Of course, before preparing for model selection, you also need to know which fan free industrial control computer is good. After all, only by choosing models from manufacturers with reliable quality can we ensure that the industrial control computer has a very stable operation quality.

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