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Application requirements of industrial computer motherboard on CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools using industrial computer motherboard are mainly composed of input and output devices, CNC devices, PLC, servo system, detection feedback device and machine host. The operation of the NC machine tool of the industrial computer on the main board of the industrial computer is simpler. After the processing object is changed, it only needs to manually input instructions through the human-machine interface. After the instructions are processed by the control system, they form various control information and are sent to the servo system to command the machine tool to carry out various operations. The use requirements of CNC machine tool system for industrial computer motherboard are as follows:

Firstly, ensure reliability


The stability and reliability of CNC machine tools is an important indicator to measure products, because poor reliability will cause immeasurable shutdown losses and maintenance costs. The reliability of CNC machine tools is usually expressed by mean time between failures, which specifically refers to the average time from one failure to the next. High reliability industrial computer motherboard industrial computer has become the first choice of many NC machine tool manufacturers, which can effectively ensure the reliability of products.


Secondly, intelligent requirements


The development of the main board control technology is an important condition for the realization of intelligent CNC machine tools. It greatly reduces the management of machine tools and realizes greater efficiency and stable machining accuracy. Using the most professional industrial computer motherboard, the programming and operation of CNC machine tools are easier. According to the changes of processing objects, the best working state can be achieved through simple adjustment of working parameters. At the same time, the main board of the control computer can also self diagnose itself and external equipment, realize fault alarm, and facilitate the maintenance of the system.


Thirdly, the operation should be simple

The level of the operators of CNC machine tools is uneven. The simple and fast operation interface is conducive to the operators to freely control the machine and equipment, and directly improve the work efficiency and operation comfort. Because the good man-machine interface is simple and effective, and has the guiding function, which makes users feel happy and enhance their interest, so as to improve the use efficiency, at present, most CNC machine tools adopt the industrial computer motherboard industrial computer that integrates the input and output and control functions, so as to help the operators operate and reduce the error rate.

The application of the main board of the control machine in the NC machine tool makes the processing of the NC machine tool simpler and faster, completely abandoning the work of other NC machine tools, and speeding up the production speed. There are many types of industrial computer motherboards available, and there will be some differences after different types. The application of different types of industrial computer motherboards to CNC machine tools also increases the types of CNC machine tools, which can meet the needs of more users.

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