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What are the selection skills of industrial computer motherboard?

What are the selection skills of industrial computer motherboard?

The current industrial automation field will not be separated from the large-scale application of industrial computer motherboards, and the production of industrial computer motherboards is still increasing year by year. Now, in order to save costs and reduce prices, some manufacturers of industrial computer motherboards can gain a firm foothold in the market. They not only reduce the number of plate layers, but also make corresponding adjustments to the materials and accessories of industrial computer motherboards. How should people choose their models when buying industrial computer motherboards? With many years of industrial motherboard production experience, industrial PC motherboard manufacturers share three aspects of experience here.


1. View the i/o interface section


The i/o interface of the industrial computer motherboard often reflects the positioning and functions of a motherboard. Although for most users, the dual network cards and 1394 interfaces provided by the i/o interface may not be able to be used, this is more important for users in need. At the same time, the number of USB interfaces on the industrial computer motherboard sometimes affects the feeling of use, The interfaces provided on the high-end motherboard are relatively rich. After all, the configuration of any i/o interface part requires the user to pay the bill. There is no need to consider unnecessary interfaces, but the user must pay attention to the i/o interface part if necessary.


2. Check the motherboard type


The manufacturer of industrial control computer motherboard introduces that the types of industrial control computer motherboard can be divided into large board and small board. Even in the large board, there are several types of differences. Users should note that different versions of industrial computer motherboards have different PCB costs and expansion performance, which will affect the price of industrial computer motherboards. Among them, the integrated motherboard adopts a highly integrated chipset, which is characterized by simpler layout and lower manufacturing cost. The manufacturer of industrial computer motherboard recommends choosing the motherboard type required by industrial production.


3. Check the processing materials


The processing materials of industrial computer motherboard are mainly from two aspects: the processing of PCB (printed circuit board), the color of PC board with guaranteed quality is basically consistent, the smoothness is good, and the general quality that looks shiny is better. The general standard for the number of layers of PCB is four or six layers. Of course, the quality of six layers is much better. The workmanship of SMT (surface mount) components mainly determines whether the production process of the main board is excellent by observing the mounting accuracy of some components. The standard components are mounted and positioned accurately without offset.


How to choose the industrial computer motherboard? When selecting the industrial computer motherboard, you should check the i/o interface, the motherboard type, and the motherboard processing materials. At the same time, the choice of chipset is also a consideration in the selection of industrial computer motherboard. The support provided by different motherboard chipsets is different, and the price is also different. You can’t choose a high-end motherboard with high-end functions that you can’t use at all, nor can you choose a motherboard that doesn’t suit your needs because it’s cheap.


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